Etablissement Liberté

Science day was organised on Saturday February 13th. It was a open morning when our parents were invited to see different experiments presented by the students of Liberte school. It was fun. The concept was a fantastic idea because we learned a lot of things on that day.

Our class presented a timeline of the story of life on Earth.The parents who came to see our presentation were impressed! We really appreciated their comments because we woked very hard to make this 5-meter long timeline. We participated to the math contest too. It was hard !The first question was something about coffee and milk, the second question was a challenge to find how long a rope should be for a guy to walk under it and the third one was a geometry problem. If you gave the correct answer you received delicious candy !

We also enjoyed the presentation of space. The goal was to find the distance between stars in the Universe.

The 3-D printer was impressive. Some students had made amplifiers for Smartphones which do not use electricity.They worked really well and preserve the planet as they don't require any energy !

Another team made smoothies to make students aware of the fact that eating healthy food can mean eating tasty and sweet things.

The batteries made with fruit were really extraordinary. The challenge was to find which fruit was the most conductive.They had tried different fruits like apples, pears, oranges and they had found out that the most conductive fruit is the orange as it is also the most acid fruit. Some students won an award for that experiment.

Other experiments like those about volcanoes, green racing cars, how to cut a can without touching it, optical illusions, how to make yogourts, how to remove the salt from water, how grasshoppers breathe, which pond is the most polluted etc ... there were so many .. It was really interesting and educative.What is more we could also watch short movies in Spanish or English.

The taking off of the drone which then flew over the school yard was the highlight of that morning. It was awesome ! At noon there was a ceremony to reward the best presentations and the winners received great gifts.The winner of the competition for the logo of the school webradio was also announced. Bamalib broadcast programms every month. It is a really fabulous idea ! What a great morning !

What a great morning !